YEW's is going full strength!

  • Youth Education Wednesdays (YEWS) will resume November 29th. Our fellowship meal invites our youth as well as family to join us for a simple meal, music, friendship, and a bit of laughter. All are welcome including pre-K/kindergarten thru 6th graders. Children, invite your friends to join us. 
  • Youth/Adult Faith Journey- Lesson will resume November 29th at 5:30pm supper, 6pm music and 6:10pm class time. All are welcome!

Pastor's Moment - 11/29/23
Hey Joe, "What are you going to do?"

"Hey Joe, what do you know?"

You know I have never seen such a sad and depressed face as I have seen on Joe’s face the past couple days. With those bags under his eyes I’m sure he has not had much sleep. As he shuffles down the street, he kicks a can ahead of him. Yes, looks like he has lost his best dog, but it could have something to do with that girl he is arranged to marry. You know just when you have it all figured out and you have your life all planned out, someone throws a wrench into the situation. I can’t figure it out as Mary is glowing.

This is what we experience today, this time in our lives as well. We sometimes have everything figured out and then God has another plan that we may not have expected or understood. Christmas is a time of the unexpected, and a time of joy. The year was 2020 and if we were to project the year ahead on January 01, we would have made grand plans for our future months ahead and then March came around and all of our plans changed. But in March we could not have anticipated that it would change Christmas. I’m certain we all believed by December we would be back to normal, but as we hung our heads low and kicked a few cans down the street we found ourselves still in isolation, feeling very alone. The circle of physical contact was few, and we wondered how were we to celebrate Christmas, or could we? Did we really have anything to celebrate?

For my family church (at that time) in Taylors Falls UMC, the highlight of the season was the Candlelight Service and this year it was not going to happen. But God guides us unexpectedly with hope and grace. The Holy Spirit came to Joe (as it arrives in our hearts as well) to bring comfort and peace to his mind as this miracle which he and Mary were about to embark on was a gift, not a burden. God intervened with our Christmas service as guidance was given to Rhonda and I as we went to the church one evening recreating the service without a congregation. Hymns, scriptures, and the lighting of the candles were there, and a video was shared to all. The joy of Christmas was alive in our hearts and shared with many. Covid may have interfered with our Christmas, but the joy of Christ’s birth was never lost. Do we choose to have this again? I can say a resounding NO! but even when we cannot come together in fellowship the joy of Christmas remains in our hearts. “Hey Joe, what do you know?”  “I know I love Mary, and the gift of a child given to us and to the world. Rejoice!”  We all rejoice, and let the star guide us this year. Light the candle of Hope!


Pastor's Moment - 11/24/23

“And Awaaay we go!"

Jackie Gleason coined the phrase, “And awaaay we go!” in the 1950’s on the television sitcom “The Honeymooners” as his way to express that we are about to embark on a mission, a journey like none other. One to remember! Is this also true about our lives this week?

Our mission impossible (if I can use another catch phrase) begins this week with the anticipation of the Thanksgiving feast! So much planning, so much to do, and little time to prepare. Seems like we rush into this feast of giving thanks, but wouldn’t it still arrive even if we missed the can of jellied cranberries that makes that memorable sound as it slides out of the can? I pray that you take a moment to stop and just take it all in and enjoy. The laughter, the friendship, a few football games, the mashed potatoes that seem a bit lumpy, the gravy still with bits of turkey floating, and don’t forget when the pie hit the floor! Yes, all part of what we give thanks for, the joy of friendship and family. The remarkable gifts which God provides even if the meal is a meager one, we still are very thankful for what we have been provided with. O God, we give thanks for what you have provided for us each day, and we celebrate this day with joy and much rejoicing. Ok, a few mishaps as well which we all laugh about later, but which the “mom” in the house has just panicked over!

What this week also brings is the reminder of the “Awaaay we go” into the Christmas season. Yes, so much is coming our way with Advent messages, church decorating, children's programs, and not to mention the normal events that occur in our church and in your homes each week. It all will come so fast, and we seem to never be fully ready for this season to embark. But, get ready it will arrive and we will make the magic happen, somehow. Take a deep breath, let it out and give thanks to God for this breath of life we breathe. Now, “Awaaay we go!” into the season with a reason-the birth of the Christ child celebration is coming. Are you ready?

Something to note: If I am not in my office during my normal office hours I will be hauling corn wagons. I will be in but sometimes not till the afternoon.