What Are You Waiting For?

I seldom use the resource for my devotionals for meetings or newsletters but the November 13th issue of the Upper Room struck with me as I consider that we often await for something in our lives. Sometimes what we wait for is not what we expect to occur as God blesses us each and everyday.

Jeremiah 17:7-8 Happy are those who trust in the LORD, who rely on the LORD. They will be like trees planted by the streams, whose roots reach down to the water. They won’t fear drought when it comes; their leaves will remain green. They won’t be stressed in the time of drought or fail to bear fruit. 

­Cross and Flame Pastor’s Moment - December 2022

Margaret Martin (Australian Capital Territory, Australia) shares her devotion to how we await for God’s gifts this Christmas in the birth of a baby, and how even today we are blessed by this miracle as God continues to give to us daily. Ms. Martin shares with us that miracles still happen today.

“We have a courtyard garden with more than 80 daffodil bulbs. In late winter and early spring the courtyard is filled with beautiful yellow blooms. This year we gave the flowers away to friends who needed cheering up, so we thought we would have to wait another year to see the daffodils again. Imagine our surprise when recently we discovered seven more yellow buds poking up among the green leaves, brightening our garden and our lives.  God’s blessings are like those late-blooming daffodils-sometimes unexpected but always a special encouragement to us. … Life can change overnight, but blessings such as a smile of a grandchild, a beautiful garden, a sunny day, or the kindness of friends can give us hope.  We can always find blessings for which to thank God.”  Amen!

Once again Advent is upon us and as we anticipate Christmas day, we all feel the sense of excitement as we are waiting for something. But what are we anticipating, or waiting for? It would be easy to reply with, “Well, we await for Christmas morning, the celebration of the birth of Christ,” but is this the same reply for everyone? What are you waiting for this season? 

The Christmas season brings us hope as we wait. The long awaited miracle for each of us. This year some of us who have suffered with illness or injury, or know of someone hurting that are close to our hearts, we wait for a healing grace. This year some wait, looking for a new opportunity so that you can find peace in your life, or provide a better life for yourself and family. This year you struggled to find your faith as during this time of Covid we found our faith lost, and we waited for God to find us once again. Advent and the Christmas season is a time of waiting, awaiting for Christ to come into our lives once again. Yes, we celebrate the living miracle of the virgin birth of God’s only son, but with this birth comes salvation. A gift of love. A gift of peace. A gift of grace.

This Christmas, wait no more. Keep seeking for your hope this Christmas season, and it all begins November 27, 2022 with the First Sunday of Advent. Through the celebrated birth of Christ Jesus we again have been waiting for the hope of the world to come to us all. Ask for God’s guidance to help you find your hope. “For Christ was born of Mary, and gathered all above, while mortals sleep the angels keep their watch of wondering love.” (O Little Town of Bethlehem v.2a, Phillips Brooks) This is the hope we wait for, God’s love born to bring us the salvation the world had waited for. Wait no more, rejoice!

Rhonda and I would like to bless you all with joy this Christmas season as we once again wait for the blessed day to celebrate the miracle of God’s love that has come to earth to save us all. Our salvation!  Be blessed.

Pastor Dean