A blueprint for prayer

This week, now two weeks into our Lent season, I want to share some thoughts about the growth of prayer in our lives.  A consistent, deep prayer life, like anything else takes commitment.  It takes practice, but the benefits are out of this world!  Here are some thoughts about how to have a blueprint for your prayer life.  First, Have a PLACE for prayer; a consistent place.  Now I realize we can pray anywhere we want, but try to find a place where you can meet God every day.  Perhaps it is your easy chair in your living room, or in your private office at your computer desk.  Wherever it is, choose a place where to the best of your ability you will have your time of prayer.  A place where you can lay your burdens down and be filled freshly from God and renew your commitment to Him each day.  Second, have a TIME for prayer daily.  It could be early mornings, late nights, early afternoons or right after supper.  To build consistency in your prayer life, have a specific time each day to have your quiet time with the Lord. Read the Word of God first.  Get His thoughts into your mind and heart.  I also suggest you journal your prayers, thoughts or meditations and have a prayer list. Commit yourself to prayer daily in a specific place and time.  Thirdly, have a PLAN for prayer. We sometimes spend so much time asking God for requests to be answered, that we forget there are other aspects of prayer we miss.  I suggest the ACTS plan.  Adoration and worship; Confession of sin; Intercession for others and; Surrender of our hearts to Him daily.  There you have it!  May the Lord richly bless you this Lent season as we stay on the journey to be people of powerful prayer!  Amen!

                                                                             – Pastor Rob Pesola
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