A fresh start for 2021

January 2021

Dear Friends,

Well folks we made it through 2020 and what a ride it was. The year 2020 did not start much differently than most other years. January and February were for the most part normal, snow, cold and the prettiest blue skies. Then March marched in and our lives were turned upside down.

Our 2020 vision was way off! We could not have envisioned what was ahead of us, but we weathered it. We made it through the constant unknown of what was coming next. We made it through the changes and more changes in our lives. The unknown for some was the hardest and for others it was the isolation. The loneliness was the worst for some and for others it was the loss of friends and family, but we made it.

The note I included in the 2020 January Cross and Flame was about a 2020 vision, making resolutions, new beginnings and making fresh starts. I said that we in the church recognize the need for a fresh start. Jesus came, Jesus lived, Jesus died, and Jesus defeated death so that we could have a fresh start.

There is no better time than 2021 for a fresh start, a new beginning for everyone! In 2021 may the vaccine be the new beginning to for our Country. In 2021 may the lessons we learned in 2020 be a new beginning in our lives. In 2021 may our economy be stable and work available. In 2021 may we be stay healthy.

May we all remember that a fresh start is but a prayer away. We will falter, but Jesus is there to hold our hand. I pray that your New Year is filled with God’s blessings!

Blessings to you,

Pastor Deb

P.S. Rod and I want to thank everyone for your friendship, prayers, and gifts during the Christmas season. We are blessed to be in ministry with you.  May our combined gifts work together to further the mission of Jesus.

Mailing Ministry

The coronavirus has had an unexpected impact on the office budget. In addition to the weekly email and virtual worship service, weekly transcripts are sent to the homes of 40 Mora and Ogilvie United Methodist members. This mailing increases the postage by $22.00 each week, $22 that isn’t budgeted. It is important to keep this mailing ministry going. If you can please help us off-set some of the extra costs. Just add a note to your check stating postage.   Thank you!


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