A picture of forgiveness

Think a Minute:
I just recently read this story and it touched my heart.  A famous man died in the prime of life and newspaper reporters interviewed his mother.  “We are writing a story on your son,” they said.  “We’d like to know at what stage of his life you loved him the most.”  The reporters persisted with this preposterous question. “Was it when he was a public personality, an author, a celebrity, a teenager or an adult?”  After a few moments, the mother replied, “You know, it happened one afternoon when my son was seven.  He knew he had hurt me by something he did.  As I was reading the paper, my young son rushed into the room.  He fell on his knees and buried his face in my lap.  As he sobbed, he said, ‘Mommy, please forgive me.  I’m sorry I hurt you.’  He was heartbroken.”  The mother continued, “When I think of when I loved him most, it was then.”
Somewhat startled by her answer, one of the reporters questioned, “Madam, excuse me, but that seems like such an insignificant happening.  Why does that stand our in your mind?”
Her reply is better than a thousand sermons:  “I think it was because he needed me to love him so much at that moment.”
My friends, that is a picture of forgiveness; giving mercy and pardon when people need our love the most.  Isn’t that exactly what God does?  He loves us all the time – but especially when we need it the most!  I challenge each of us to be imitators of God… to live a life of love and forgiveness to others!  Amen and Amen!
                                                                    – Pastor Rob Pesola
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