A prayer for Orlando, Florida

Think a Minute:
It is with a heavy heart that I write this devotional today. As you know, a terrorist attack on innocent people in Orlando, Florida took place this past weekend. A lone shooter, who declared his allegiance to ISIS killed at least 50 and injured 53 others – the count so far as I write this. How tragic! There aren’t many words to say in the face of something like this, so I would like to offer a prayer:
“Father in Heaven, today, we pray for those affected by the terrorist attacks around the world, and especially those in Orlando, Florida.
We pray for the families who have lost loved ones. We pray for the fire, police and ambulance staff on the scene. We pray for strength and courage for the police officers who are continuing to protect us. We pray for the doctors and nurses caring for the hurting. We pray for the our elected leaders who so desperately need wisdom from You in this moment of crisis. We pray for the clergy in Orlando who care first-hand for the spiritual needs of those who have experienced this awful tragedy.
We pray for the military and intelligence agencies as they diligently work to gather information so that these terrorists can be brought to justice. We pray for our nation — that this event will bring us together and turn our thoughts toward helping each other to overcome the threat of terrorism. We pray for all those who might be tempted to think that violence accomplishes anything of lasting value.
Lastly, We pray for every peace throughout this world. May God break the cycle of violence to make a difference for His Peace and Grace in this sinful world. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”
Pastor Rob Pesola
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