January 15, 2023 Weekly Newsletter

John the Baptist had it right in the scripture reading from John 1:23-27. Even in the beauty of the creation around us. We have been very fortunate, or as some may feel unfortunate that our world has been blanketed by the clean white snow.  Maybe too much for some but for others a blessing.  So … Read more

Change isn’t always easy

October 2018 Friends, While on vacation in August I read four “non-church” books.  I spend so much time reading in preparation for sermons and other church related activities that I had forgotten how great it is to read just for fun. But now I am back at the church and deep into reading church related … Read more

Reach out in friendship

September 2018 As I write this I am two days away from taking a two-week vacation. At the end of my time away I come back to face the month of September, oh how the summer months flew by.  But, it was a good summer, and it will be a wonderful fall. No matter the … Read more

Forgiveness is hard

August 2018 Greetings friends, Every Tuesday morning this summer  you will find 7-10 people at Ogilvie UMC studying “What’s So Amazing About Grace” written by Philip Yancey and on Sunday’s, immediately after worship, a group at Mora UMC shares a meal and studies the same book. Our discussion around grace to others is most often focused … Read more

How do we share the good news of Jesus?

July 2018 There are roughly 360 Minnesota United Methodist Churches.  At times I hear about the differences between rural and metro churches and I’ve experienced differences as I have worshiped in both settings, but I think the bigger differences are between the small and large UMC’s. It seems the smaller the church the more time … Read more