Bravery and heroism still exists

I firmly believe that bravery and heroism exists in our world.  Just a few short years ago, a terrible incident took place in Aurora, Colorado.  A lone gunman entered a movie theater and began shooing…killing 12 people and wounding 58.  As I watched the grief on TV of the families who had lost their loved ones and saw the terror on people’s faces who told what happened, tears came to my eyes.  My friends, evil exists in our world…and tragedy will come to everyone.  but, there was one story that caught my attention from this incident, in the midst of this awful scene.  During the shooting, a young man and his girlfriend were in the line of fire of the gunman…and the young man threw his body over his girlfriend’s body to shield her from the oncoming bullets.  This brave, young man died from bullet wounds, and his girlfriend survived.  What bravery!  What heroism!  It encouraged my heart to know that within each of us,  God has put these character traits.  May I give you some advice today?  In the midst of terrible circumstances, don’t be afraid to do what’s right and brave.  God will bless you for it!  Amen and Amen!

                                                                                          – Pastor Rob Pesola
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