Change is a certainty

June 2018

As I write this message we are experiencing the early arrival of humidity and a warm day. It is interesting how the weather can surprise us with its variability.  It is said about Minnesota, and also said about many locations, “don’t like the weather, wait an hour.”  It is rather funny – as I typed these words I heard thunder off in the distance.

Our lives can be much like the weather. Change is a certainty with much of it outside our control, but we can control our response to it. I didn’t bring an umbrella today because I didn’t believe the forecast so that choice means I will get a bit wet on my way home.

To some, change in the church happens extremely slow and to others it is like a race.  Change in the church to some is a good thing and to others a bad thing. A good example of this is when a new hymn is introduced. A new hymn will cause some to get all excited and others will bemoan singing something they don’t know.

How we deal with change is unique to each of us and how we deal with each other at a time of change impacts the success.

Over the coming summer months, I plan to make some small changes in our worship service.  The change might be an additional hymn or a change to the order of worship or a change to our prayer time or…

If there is a part of our worship service you want to see altered please bring your ideas forward. I want to hear them.

It is said that a church that doesn’t change will die.  Together let’s look at healthy change in healthy ways to assure our future mission and ministry is alive and well.

Peace to you,

Pastor Deb

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