Change is ok with me

February Greetings,

Lately I’ve been thinking about change. Today I would like to see a change in the weather. The temperature is ok, but the lack of sun is getting old. Change doesn’t usually bother me too much in fact I kind of like change. Perhaps I get bored with status quo or I just like to mix things up a bit, but change is ok with me.

Change in established organizations is hard because we all react differently and have different expectations. Change in churches is especially hard.

A friend of mine once told me that her elderly dad found great comfort in the fact that the worship service in Catholic church never changes. The consistency of Catholic worship is of great comfort to many people. Some years ago when telling my Catholic brother-in-law that my Methodist church was considering a contemporary worship service, he responded “you mean more than it is already?”

Carey Nieuwhof posted in Leadership, Mission, Strategy:  “just because God never changes doesn’t mean your church shouldn’t. In fact, the most effective churches change constantly. Effective churches never change the mission or the message (those are eternal) but they always change the methods to make sure the mission stays alive and the message gets heard and that means change.”

We might not know what change God has instore for us, but I encourage you to be open to change. Share your ideas with others, listen to others and pray about where God is leading us.

Remember “it is only a crazy dream until you do it!“

Pastor Deb

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