Council minutes April 12, 2018


Mora United Methodist Church Council Minutes

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Minutes by Valerie Prax

Present: Pastor Deb, Phyllis Roseberry, Al Roseberry, Carmel Gorham, Robin Priebe, Janell Anderson, Jan Anderson, Jodi Anderson, Valerie Prax.

Meeting called to order by Robin Priebe at 6:30 pm.

Minutes from March 8 meeting – approved as read, motion passed.

Financial Secretary Report by Jan Anderson. $8,805.00 income received in past month. Motion passed approving report.

Financial Treasurer Report by Janell Anderson. Motion to accept and approve report by Carmel, 2nd by Jan, motion passed.

Finance Committee report by Phyllis Roseberry.

  • Signatures are updated at Neighborhood Bank. Still need to update at 1st Citizens, and review the contents of the Safe Deposit Box at 1st
  • The Finance Committee made recommendations on the Permanent Endowment Fund interest dispersal for 2018. Motion by Carmel, second by Jan to approve plan and submit to District Superintendent for final approval. Motion passed.
    • 30% 80   Missions
    • 30% 80   Kanabec Ministerial Association
    • 20% 88   Pastor’s Discretion fund
    • 20% 88   Special Programming fund

Christian Education by Janell and Carmel.

  • Use Safe Gatherings through the Conference to provide screening for new volunteers. Valerie will get the process started and recruit those needing training.
  • Spring Festival – attendance was small, but effective. Pastor was able to connect with each family. Some families that came to the Halloween event have come to church, so hoping for more long term connections.
  • Jesus After School is going well.
  • Confirmation will be May 20. This will only be Confirmation – not joining the church as members. Pastor will ask the youth to make a personal decision to join the church. This will be a separate event, likely in June. There was full consensus from the Board on this approach.
  • Missions Trip: going to Henderson Settlement via the Conference trip, June 16 – 24. 6 youth, 2 adults.
  • Bible Study has completed. Next one will start in a couple of weeks once books arrive.
  • Graduation: we have 2 graduating seniors.
  • We need more teachers for the younger class and for the Nursery – encourage people to sign up on the kid’s bulletin board.

Worship by Carmel.

  • They discussed the recent special services – Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Easter. There were good comments on all, especially the Palms and Pies Palm Sunday service.
  • Mother’s Day – theme will be around nurturing. Not planning to give plants or other gifts to moms.
  • Graduation is June 3
  • New Member Sunday planned for April 29.
  • Service Change: Pastor will enter 1st, give a thought to center people. Then the Acolytes will enter.

Communications/Tech by Valerie and Robin.

  • Discussed repairs for the hum and no speakers in Conference Room and Nursery. Brian Ashworth will help with this, he likely knows already what the issue is.
  • FCC has changed rules for mHz, and has assigned the frequency we use to emergency services. So we have until 2019 to get a new transmitter on a different frequency. Pastor’s headset is fine, just need a new transmitter.
  • We continue to work on plans to move the TV to the lecturn side on a metal movable frame and the computer to the sound booth.

Memorials – Jodi Anderson. No report, the committee hasn’t met. We welcomed Jodi to the Council.

Trustees –  Pastor. They will be trimming trees around the church, finish the bell tower. They are discussing drainage problems with Zion and the City looking for solutions. A 1/3/5 year maintenance plan is being developed.

WICS – Valerie. Blankets for the graduates are done and embroidered. The Ham/Meatball Dinner is April 21. We need more workers and food donations, a push will be made on Sunday.

Men’s Club –  a successful Easter Breakfast was held.

Pastor’s Report –

  • She will be off the week of May 22, Valerie will fill in on May 27. She will have a pastor contact for emergencies.
  • Annual Conference is May 30- June 1. Since she is available, emergency calls will go to Valerie who will relay to Pastor.
  • She is on a trip to the BWCA June 3 – 7. Another Pastor will be the emergency contact.

Motion to adjourn by Jan, second by Phyllis. Meeting adjourned at 7:20.



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