Council minutes August 8, 2019


Mora United Methodist Church Council Meeting

August 8, 2019  6:35pm

Attending were: Bob Hanson, Robin Priebe, Jan Anderson, Phyllis & Al Roseberry, Val Prax, & Carmel Gorham

Pastor led the group in prayer

Pastor’s report

The council was asked to make a list of persons that they have noticed not in church and asked, “what kind of program should we do about contacting these people?”

Do we contact them? Let them know we miss them? There is a list of about 15 – 20 people

It was decided that it would be good to contact them so – WHO? Make a list and send out to council members to pick who each would pick out of the list to make contact with them.

Pastor gave the Sundays she will be gone. They are:

Aug 25th, Sept. 1, Sept. 8, Oct. 10, Oct. 27, and Nov. 3  (communion Sundays will be figured out)

She stated that the attendance on Sundays have been running 60-70 members per Sunday with the 1st year she was here it was 70-80.

Should we let children continue to serve communion – Yes they can the council decided.

We need people to SIGN UP to serve communion.

Financial Secretary’s report was given by Jan Anderson and a Motion was made by Val Prax to accept it, Seconded by Bob Hanson, and it Passed

Financial Report was given by Phyllis R. and a motion was made by Jan A. to accept it, Seconded by Val P., and it Passed.

Christian Ed – VBS was canceled this year with plans to do a VBS day approx., once a quarter to celebrate the seasons of the year. The youth have gone on their final trips with the current leaders. There are leads for a new program director.

Trustees – Posts in the east garden area are to be finished and a paint date will be set for that side also.

Garden Club will be visiting the gardens outside at church during their church garden tour.

Worship – Praise Team will be starting up in September. They will sing on the 2nd & 4th Sundays each month and practice the Wednesday evening before that Sunday at 7pm. Melanie will be the Christmas program/worship coordinator this year.

Mens Club – will be holding a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser on Saturday, August 17, from 8am-10am during the Farmer’s Market. Monies to go towards the Children/Youth Program Directors fund.

Finance – They have approved the purchase of a computer & printer for the Treasurer. They will also now be accepting credit card/debit card payments. The email for these transactions to go to will be set up for Jan Anderson, Secretary Treasurer to receive. The Stewardship drive will kick off on Oct. 13, 2019. There will be a grant that Val Prax will help write / apply for through the conference ‘Investing in Congregations Grant’ to help with monies towards a children’s/youth program director over a 3 year period.

SPPRC – Went through postings for advertising for the program/youth director position and now have posted in several places for our need of someone for that position.

Nominations Team – will be calling a meeting.

Missions – Produce once now on the table in the Fellowship Hall and donations accepted for that.

Meeting adjorned at 7:35 motion made by Bob Hanson, Jan Anderson seconded it and it passed.

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