Council minutes December 10, 2015

Mora United Methodist Church
Administrative Council Meeting – December 10, 2015

 Present:  Robin Priebe, Naomi Schultz, Pat Gorham, Larry Brettingen, Carmel Gorham, Pastor Rob Pesola, Ruth Smith, Dick Smith, Janell Anderson, Edna Cole, Val Prax, Melanie Halverson.

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Robin at 7 p.m.  Minutes of meeting reviewed and upon motion by Janell/Val carried and approved.  Pastor Rob led prayer.

Financial:  Upon motion by Pat/Larry, Financial Secretary’s printed report was accepted.  Janell gave Treasurer’s report and upon motion by Pat/Val report was accepted and all to be filed for audit.  Dick reported on Stewardship letter ready to be mailed on Monday.  A second letter will be included updating all on plans for work project in social hall.

Trustees:  With Trustee monthly meeting being moved from Thursday lineup, Finance committee will move to the 6:00 pm time with Council following at 6:30 pm.  Annual parsonage review to be held.

Pastor:  Christmas Eve service to be held at 9 pm.  Announcement of Eleanor Hanson and Vi Barker both being placed on hospice.  New member Sunday to be scheduled for the end of January.  Pastor will be attending a Pastor retreat Jan. 3 weekend.  Grief support group being explored with Jane Ingebrand and Pastor Rob both participating in presentation to include general public in addition to our congregation.  Pastor will begin a doctoral program in January and requests prayers for successful endeavor.

Christian Education:  Christmas program set for coming Sunday, confirmation classes doing well, Sunday School attendance down but Jesus After School is increasing in numbers and enthusiasm.  Youth are working toward a mission trip in 2016 and will be holding a bake sale on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

 Worship:  Plans in place to distribute bags for a new Outreach program on Dec. 13th.  Congregation will be asked to take a bag, fill it with whatever they wish (homemade cookies, purchased gifts, whatever) and then pass it on to a stranger or a friend.  Will include a welcome letter from the Pastor to visit our church.

 WICS:  Puzzle contest set for Jan. 31st.  Plans in place for ‘stripping’ project on wallpaper in Social Hall for New Year’s Eve – 1 – 5 pm work to be followed by potluck supper.

Missions:  Monthly potlucks continue.  Graners pledge is up to date.  Alternative Gifts for Christmas giving.

Men’s Club:  Met on Dec. 3.

Memorials:  Some monies were transferred to close out some accounts.  Undesignated funds were purposed for Social Hall/Kitchen refurbishing projects.

Other:  Membership rolls are still being reviewed with office.  Forms were completed for Charge Conference but audit is not complete.  Plans to complete process in the new year.

Meeting Adjourned at 8 p.m.  Next meeting to be held on January 14, 2016 at 6:30 pm.


Respectfully Submitted:
Edna Cole, Council Secretary

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