Council minutes December 8, 2016


Minutes of Administrative Council   December 8, 2016

Present:  Janell Anderson, Jan Anderson, Carmel Gorham, Pat Gorham, Val Prax, Naomi Schultz, Dick Smith, Ruth Smith, Pastor Deb Schaffron

Pastor Deb led in prayer.  Chair Robin opened the meeting.  Minutes of November 10 meeting were examined, approved with no changes, motion by Pat, second by Val.

Jan gave the Financial Secretary report.  Motion by Carmel/Naomi approved.  Many pledges not yet received.

Janell presented the Treasurer report.  Motion to approve by Pat, Jan carried.

Janell reported for Permanent Endowment who set recommended disbursal of approximately interest earned in 2016.  Final approval to be made by Church Conference in January.

Dick reported for Trustees.  Parsonage repairs are nearly complete.  Trustees and SPPR rep will do walk around in the spring to pursue outdoor repairs.  Plan for swinging support arm for sanctuary TV monitor is being made.  Heat tapes on church roof being installed Dec. 9.

Christian Education report was given by Val.  Safe Sanctuary training for youth and adult leaders was done Dec. 7.  Sunday School program during Church service is December 18.

Youth Group had 18 youth attending family potluck Dec. 7.  Youth are asked to pass offering plates at the Dec. 18 service and to be part of the children singing.  There will be no JAS or Youth group on Dec. 21st and Dec. 28th.

Ruth reported for Worship committee.  Plans for Dec. 18th service, Christmas Eve and for Sunday, Christmas Day services were adjusted.  Reminder of 8 p.m. service on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we will share memories of very special Christmas’s.   Poinsettias will be displayed Dec. 11 and more may be brought for the Dec. 18th service.  Display will be taken down Jan 1st.

Ruth reported for WICS.  Toys for children through age 18 are being collected for pickup and distribution Dec. 14.  WICS will host a jigsaw puzzle contest January 29, 2017.

Robin reported an undesignated memorial was received.  No meeting scheduled this month.

Janell reported that Missions has selected these missions to be supported in 2017.  Habitat for Humanity, the Refuge, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Local missionaries Ezekiel and Andrea Enyart, Alternate Giving Gifts.  Carmel reported the congregation donated Coborns turkey cards which provided 17 turkeys for food shelf.

Men’s Club hosted Pastor Deb and Rod Schaffron at their December 1 meeting.  Community needs are being assessed to select a mission to support.

Pastor Deb has 7 people interested in becoming members.  January classes on two Sundays will be scheduled to familiarize them with our denomination doctrine.  Also has a request for a baptism.  Pastor will be on vacation Dec. 26 – Jan. 2.  She is working with Sharon Diesner to feature composers of our favorite hymns for several Sunday services.   Is talking with government and private groups about needs of the community,

At 7:35 by motion of Carmel, Jan,  the meeting adjourned.

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