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Pastor Debra Schaffran
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Council minutes Feb. 13, 2020

APPROVED MINUTES — February 13, 2020 Church Council meeting.

Valerie called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. and Pastor opened with a prayer

Those in attendance were Pastor Deb, Phyllis, Bob, Jan, Ben, Valerie and Janell.

Pastor’s Time: Pastor will be away February 28- March 1, Ben will fill in at the service on the 1st. No Communion that Sunday but there will be communion every Sunday after that in Lent. Pastor will be part of the team at UEC (Unidos En Cristo) retreat.

December minutes were reviewed M/S/A  Jan/Bob

Financial Secretary Report was approved   Janell/Bob M/S/A.

Treasurer Reports was approved Jan/Phyllis M/S/A

Finance Committee: Thinking on how to put in place a contingency plan if CORE moves out or if something else unexpected happens.

Trustees:  Rod and Steve will have a conversation on an answering machine or updating the phones. Also looking at a larger screen on a stand by the lectern rather that an arm with it on. They are talking about blinds on all the windows, back rooms and fellowship hall. Continue to work on lightening up the Narthex with paint.  The pilot lights will be checked on the stove again.

SPPRC:  Employee appreciation meal at the Zins’ home in March

Christian Education:  Nothing new

Ben: Saturday have a more consistent number of children attending.  At 7 am on Ash Wednesday there will be a short service and a pancake breakfast (pancake making headed up by Gene) all the youth in town are invited – adults too. They continue to work on painting the youth group room.  There will be no Valentine Dinner this year, due to lack of interest by the youth. There are plans for a intergenerational BWCAW trip this summer. They will be doing a mission experience again at Wildfire in Superior WI. There will be a camp Sunday with folks from Northern Pines.

Worship: Worship has no chair. There will be communion weekly during Lent. Camp Sunday is March 8th. There will be a new Bible purchased for the altar. Pies and Palms will again be planned for Palm Sunday. Pastor is dreaming of a hand bell choir with the special needs folk.  There is also a strong desire to have the children sing monthly. Ben, Pastor and CE will work on a plan. There will be an additional person added to the nursery each Sunday to stay within Safe Sanctuary guidelines.

Mission:  we want to ask Vi how long commitment to the Graners goes.

Memorials: Nothing to report

Technology: Valerie will contact Dave Smith and Rich Nordstrom who want to learn the sound booth and the clicker.

WICS: They meet next week and will start organizing pie bakers for Pies and Palms. There are 2 children being baptized in March and one more after that in the near future. They also want to come up with some sort of memorial for Lee Svoboda, probably something kitchen related.

Men’s Club: There were five ish at the last meeting. They ate, talked and had a great social time.

Other business: Additions and corrections for Committees.

SPPRC: Remove Amy Zins, add Paula Vanecek – they need to appoint a chair.

Memorials:  Jan Anderson and  Melanie Halverson are staying on the committee. Robin Priebe is joining the

group Carmel will be joining in September. The committee will meet on an as needed basis and will work with

Council on needed actions.   Janell/Bob M/S/C   Burt Watson has been the Trustee rep in the past he will be

asked again.

Annual Conference, June 10-12. Neither Janell nor Valerie are able to attend.  Phyllis Roseberry is interested and will check into her schedule further.

 Valerie asked for official permission to again hold the Area Farmers’ Market in the church parking lot again for the summer of 2020.  Jan/Janell M/S/C

 Goals for 2020: What do we want to accomplish? What vision/mission in the greater community? Tap into leadership training through the Conference? Pastor will contact the Conference.

Jan/Janell M/S/C to adjourn at 7:25 pm.

Next meeting Thursday March 12, 2020

Respectfully submitted,

Janell Anderson, Council Secretary

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