Council minutes February 9, 2017

Mora United Methodist Church
Administrative Council Meeting – February 9, 2017

 Present: Ruth Smith, Melanie Halverson, Pastor Deb Schaffran, Janell Anderson, Jan Anderson, Val Prax and Edna Cole.

Meeting called to order by Ruth Smith at 6:30 p.m.  Pastor Deb led prayer.

Minutes of January 12, 2017 meeting reviewed and upon motion by Jan/Val carried and approved.

Pastor’s Report:  Jail Ministry training completed, will begin rotation in May.

Financial Reports:

               Financial Secretary:  Upon motion Janell/Melanie report was approved.

               Treasurer:  Upon motion Jan/Val report was approved and filed for audit.

               Finance/Stewardship:  Audit completed by Bob Halverson.

Old Business:

               World Day of Prayer:  Ruth reported on committee meeting, requested help.

Lay Delegate:  June 20-22, St. Cloud, May 1 registration, Deb will do newsletter contact.

Church Pictorial Directory:  Janell, Val motion to form committee to produce in house directory with prototype page to include photo, address and other information for each member/family unit.  Motion carried.  Janell appointed as Council Rep on project.

Records Retention:  Conference recommendations received, starting to implement for all committees.

Shepherding Ministry:  Council supports project.  Research needed.

 New Business:

Agenda Template/Procedure:  Use agenda with modifications as tool.  Note be added to meeting notice requesting agenda items be sent to Robin or Edna.  Agendas available at meeting.

 Committee Reports:

Christian Education: Confirmation planned for spring utilizing school release times. Start

Wednesday, March 1 at Parsonage, male co-leader being sought.  Prayer Walk /study group beginning April 29th.

Communication/Technology:  No report

Membership:  Reports completed with membership of 162 and 86 constituents.

Memorials:  No report

Missions:  Funds dispersed, March Pot luck for Food Shelf.

Nominations:  No report

P:ermanent Endowment: Meeting needs to be set up.

Staff Pastor Parish Relations:  No report

Trustees:  Small furnace repaired

Worship: Bible Study (Jesus Final Week) formed, 2 -3 options for attendance;  Ash Wednesday service in Mora.

 Service Groups: 

               Men’s Club:  No report

               Women in Christian Service:  Ham Dinner, Friday, April 28th.

Other:  Puzzle contest went well.

 Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 P.M upon motion Janell/Jan passed.  Next meeting to be held on March 9, 2017.                 Respectfully Submitted:  Edna Cole, Council Secretary

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