Council minutes July 21, 2016

Mora United Methodist Church
Administrative Council Meeting – July 21, 2016

 Pesent:  Robin Priebe, Melanie Halverson, Ruth Smith, Dick Smith, Janell Anderson, Jan Anderson, Pat Gorham, Edna Cole.

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Robin at 6:30 p.m.  Minutes of June 9, 2016 meeting reviewed and upon motion by Pat/Melanie carried and approved.  Pat led the group in prayer.

Financial:  Financial Secretary’s report was approved upon motion by Pat/Ruth.  Treasurer’s report was reviewed.  Discussion was held on parsonage expenses of cable television and internet.   Motion was made by Pat/Dick to discontinue cable service for the parsonage and to add a stronger booster to existing internet service for church/parsonage sharing.   Cable hookup equipment would remain with the understanding any future parsonage cable service would be at their expense.  If future Pastors would chose to not have cable, an antenna would be made available for use.  Motion carried.   Upon motion by Jan/Melanie Treasurer’s report was approved.

Lay Leader report:  Farewell party for Pastor Rob is scheduled for Sunday, August 7th. (Ogilvie UMC has scheduled their event for July 29th.)  Hot sandwiches will be provided and membership will be asked to bring salads and desserts.  A group from Hennepin Avenue UMC will stay at our church the weekend of July 22 – 24 while they assist with flood clean up.  Ruth will coordinate with Janell.

Worship:  Committee will schedule interim pastors for the remaining weeks in August.

Trustees:  Maintenance/repairs are proceeding as time allows.  Planning for evacuation procedures in case of emergency are moving forward.  Schedule for parsonage refresh will be prepared and volunteers notified.

SPPR:  Meeting was held with DS, and a wish list for pastor attributes was prepared with her.  Two priorities were speaking ability and community involvement.  Training workshop scheduled for August 22 will focus on streamlining church organization with fewer committees and fewer meetings.

Christian Education:  Youth Mission trip to Heifer Ranch is going well, arriving home Saturday.  VBS is organized and will be promoted to local youth.  Second Boundary waters trip will be August 5 – 7.  Various youth fundraisers are planned.

 Memorials:  Undesignated funds have been channeled to carpet/flooring project.

Other:  Praise Team practice on August 3 for August 7 service.

Note meeting date changes as follows:  Trustees, August 17; Worship, Finance, Council August 18.

Postpone approval of nomination committee selections until new clergy is appointed so as to hold just one church conference.  Discussion on membership and development of a Shepherd Ministry was held.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm.  Next meeting to be held on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 6:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted:

Edna Cole, Council Secretary



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