Council minutes June 13, 2019


 Mora United Methodist Church Council meeting, Thursday June 13th 2019.

Those in attendance, Robin Priebe, Valerie Prax, Alan Roseberry, Bob Hanson, Pastor Deb and Janell Anderson

Robin called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

Pastor time:  Pastor brought up bringing meals to New Pathway, being organized by Immanuel Lutheran in Brunswick, too many people gone the week they needed help so not this time. There were a bunch of kiddos on 6/9 – worship attendance is better – it was down.  Colleen is back to work, 10-2 W, Th, and F. Many thanks to Jan and Gayle for the time they gave in the church office.  Thank you to Valerie and Rod in tweaking the power point for the service. The DS is happy with the way the church is headed. We have one camper at camp now, hoping for a few more,

The Financial Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were approved as presented. Bob/Al  M/S, motion approved by all.

Christian Ed:  Peer Ministry continues to meet, Bob is attending. The next planned event is a lock in September 29 and 30.  JAS will stick with the same time span with some programming adjustments. VBS is the 6,7&8 of August, 6-7:30.  Youth Groups has 2 events left July mission trip and August BWCAW trip.

New Director of Youth/children is proceeding SPPRC and CYL group will work together for a job description, fund raising is going well for  weeks in.

Finance: Love offering will be brought next week. Pledging for the new year will include the CYL director. The brochures sent out last year will be updated. Finance is not meeting in July.

Missions – The Lydia Project had a very good response, many scarves were made.  They will be brought to Annual Conference. They will be distributed at the General Conference held in the Twin Cities, July of 2020.

WICS: made and distributed blankets for our graduating Srs.

Memorials: No report

7:20 pm. a motion was made by Janell, second by Bob to adjourn. Approved by all.

Respectfully submitted by Janell Anderson – acting secretary

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