Council Minutes June 14, 2018

Council Minutes June 14, 2018

Present: Pastor Deb Schaffran, Robin Priebe, Heather Hanson, Janell Anderson, Al and Phyllis Roseberry, and Carmel Gorham

Council chair, Robin Priebe, opened the meeting at 6:40pm.

Opening Prayer: Pastor Deb

Pastor’s Report: Pastor Deb will be on a Bishop’s trip titled The Journey of Paul in October of 2019. While she has some things coming up, Pastor Deb has no vacation scheduled at this time.

Financial Committee: Janell reported that everything in Jan’s report and her report match up. Carmel Gorham made a motion to approve the May financial report. Motion was seconded by Phyllis Roseberry. Motion carries. Phyllis Roseberry reported that during the finance meeting they discussed the fact that overall revenue is currently down. They began working to come up with ideas to help with this situation.

Trustees Committee: Pastor Deb gave a report for the Trustees committee. She stated that have made a master list of things needing to be done and prioritized it. Currently four or five of the immediate or go do things have been completed. They’ve worked on tree removal and upkeep as well as looking at pre-painting work to be done. The hope is that painting will be done this summer.

Worship Committee: During the meeting they discussed ways to fill our need of getting more individuals to sign up to assist with our nursery care. Currently we have many open slots that need to be filled. They were also brainstorming ways to get more individuals to assist in serving communion. A plan is being made to have special services in the social hall quarterly. They are also looking to work with the tech committee to make some changes with the way of sound booth is handled during worship service. Forgiven will be performing on July 14 at 4pm and Grace Lutheran Church.

Education Committee: Plans were begun for VBS which will run July 31 through August 2. The theme will be Camping Out: I Want S’More of Jesus!

Missions: No representative present.

WICS: No representative present.

Men’s Group: No representative present.


Membership Committee:

New Business: None at this time.

Motion to Adjourn the meeting made by Janell Anderson and seconded by Carmel Gorham. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted by Heather Hanson, Council Secretary




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