Council minutes June 8, 2017

Mora United Methodist Church
Administrative Council Meeting – June 8, 2017

 Present:  Robin Priebe, Naomi Schultz, Pat Gorham, Melanie Halverson, Ruth Smith, Dick Smith, Carmel Gorham, Janell Anderson, Val Prax, Jan Anderson, Pastor Deb Schaffran, Edna Cole

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Robin at 6:30 p.m.  Pastor Deb led prayer.

Minutes of May 11 meeting reviewed and with correction of change of date for Classic Car Show to August 18 upon motion by Pat/Naomi carried and approved.

Pastor’s Report:  Bible Study on Ruth is set for Saturdays at 10 am and will include nature component.  Charge Conference will be set up although District Superintendent will be unable to attend.  New mission/vision was presented. Council set up a prayer time for Wednesdays at 7 pm to seek direction/guidance.

Financial Reports:

            Financial Secretary:  Upon motion by Carmel/Dick report approved.

            Treasurer:  Finance Committee was asked to consolidate some funds. Upon motion by Pat/Jan report was approved to be filed for audit.

Finance/Stewardship:  Plan to promote automatic giving as a means of maintaining steady income through the summer months when church attendance is frequently low.


Committee Reports:

Christian Education:  Vacation Bible School August 1 -3, 6 to 7:30 pm. Volunteers needed crafts/food. June 17 -car wash with youth committed to prayers for individual prayer requests, campfires scheduled for summer months.

Communication/Technology: Review of taller portable stand to hold television on altar.

Membership:  Report will be presented for action at upcoming charge conference.

Memorials:  Undesignated monies to be used for Bell Tower repair.

Nominations:  Contacts being made to update committee structure & membership.

Permanent Endowment:  Recommendation to make this a subcommittee of Finance.

Staff Pastor Parish Relations:  Meeting will be called soon.

Trustees:  Repair project on Bell Tower is planned to coordinate with new church paint job.

Worship:  Licensing for Pastor Deb, June 21, Celebration of licensing – Friday, June 23, 7 pm. Details soon.  Forgiven concert set for July 16 at 4 p.m.

 Service Groups: 

            Men’s Club:  Property work, planning on Bell Tower

            Women in Christian Service:  Planning Pastor Deb’s celebration, upcoming baptisms.

 Old Business:

            Lay Delegate:  None attending, Pastor Deb will report back.

Church Pictorial Directory:  Samples have been misplaced and will need to be replaced.

Records Retention:  Nothing further to report.

Shepherding Ministry:  Card ministry is going well.

Other:  Promote use of gardens during morning coffee and for other meetings/gatherings.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 pm.  Next meeting to be held on Thursday, July 13, 2017.                ,

Respectfully Submitted: Edna Cole, Council Secretary

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