Council minutes March 8, 2018

Mora United Methodist Church Council Minutes
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Minutes submitted by Carmel Gorham

 Members present – Robin Priebe, Val Prax, Janell Anderson, Al Roseberry, Ruth Smith, Jan Anderson, Steve Sigstad, Vi Tatro, and Carmel Gorham

Meeting was called to order my Council Chair Robin Priebe at 6:33

Val Prax led us in prayer.

Minutes from the meeting in Feb. had corrections made – In the finance committee section the name Bob Anderson was changed to Bob Halverson – a motion was made to except the minutes with the correction by Val Prax, seconded by Jan Anderson , and it passed.

Financial Secretaries report was given by Jan Anderson. Motion to accept by Janell Anderson, seconded by Val Prax – motion passed

Financial Treasurers report was given by Janell Anderson – Motion to accept by Jan Anderson, seconded by Steve Sigstad – motion passed.

Christian Ed – using special programing monies for background checks, new program called

‘Safe Gatherings’ to be used.

Adult bible study has Kate Larison as a co leader with Pastor Deb Schaffran

March 24th is a Spring Festival – 10-11:30am – crafts, snacks, games, and a Easter egg hunt

Youth planning on a Mission trip to Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky June 16-24th

Youth Boundary Waters trips will be June 29 – July 1 & Aug 10-12

Communication/Tech – Meeting on Wed. March 21st at 5pm

Talking about new wiring, moving items for more pleasing viewing, and use of


Missions – UMCOR Relief Kits – 4 different kits being asked for – Janell to do announcements the next

Four Sundays to let the congregation know about them. They are due

By Annual Conference time. (May/June 2018)

Finance – Signature Cards to get updated with the current finance person – Pat Gorham taking care of this.

Trustees – Fireside room is almost completed – curtains still need to be installed. – Looks very nice.

Trimming to be done on trees on the southside of church property.

Heat tape left on so no water draining down the north side of soffet/wall – means the church highway sign will remain on all the time right now.

Technology help with TV mount and will be talking to Don Olson about that.

Worship – No Sonrise service this year.

Possibly Easter breakfast (Men’s Club) to start a little later this year.

Palm Sunday will be held in the Social Hall – ‘Pies & Palms’ more of a hands on service similar to

Christmas Eve morning service.

Maundy Thursday service at the Mora Church this year. – to be held in the Sanctuary.

WICS – Spring Ham Dinner on April 21st – will be asking the congregation to help out in many ways.

Next meeting on Wednesday, March 21 at 6pm

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Val Prax, seconded by Ruth Smith and passed

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm



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