Council minutes May 11, 2017

UNAPPROVED Minutes of Mora UMC
Administrative Council Meeting, May 11, 2017

Present:  Chair Robin Priebe, Pastor Deb Schaffran, Jan Anderson, Janell Anderson, Carmel Gorham, Pat Gorham, Melanie Halverson, Val Prax, Dick Smith, Ruth Smith

Meeting was called to Order by Robin, who asked Pastor Deb to lead in an opening prayer.

Minutes of the March 9 Council meeting were approved with one correction (Melanie Stegeman to Melanie Halverson) upon motion by Janell, seconded by Val.

Pastors Report: Upcoming baptism of the 3 Hanson sisters, 3 new members probably accepted in the fall.  Pastor at Licensing School, Debuque, Iowa May 12-22.  Leadership and Nominations Committee scheduled for May 23 to prepare for June Conference meeting.

Finance:  Financial Secretary report by Jan was approved, motion by Pat, seconded by Janell.  Treasurers report by Janell approved, motion by Pat, seconded by Jan.  Pastor asked if the monthly bar graph could show both current year/month and previous year/month.  Janell will work on that.  Finance report by Dick reported change in Endowment Fund CD’s due for renewal, now upgraded to 1.75% from .04% interest.

Old Business:  Janell is considering representing Mora UMC as lay delegate to Annual Conference in June.

Church Pictorial Directory:  Arlene Anderman has agreed to organize the project.  Janell will get the samples stored in the church office for Arlene to look over.  Records retention – no action with financial records.  Shepherding Ministry is a very active card ministry, remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and get well cards.

New Business:  Classic car gatherings on Friday evenings at Mora UMC.  Big show on August 8, with food sales and invited car owners.  Will develop a bookmark-sized handout with worship times and youth events to be distributed on the 8th.

Christian Education has decided to continue Childrens Church through the summer as well as nursery.  Vacation Bible School will be August 1,2,3.  The theme of nature will be continued from materials used in 2016.  Pastor Deb will lead a Bible lesson each evening.  Youth raised $1900 from their rummage sale, donating 10% to the church.  They completed yard cleanup at the Diesner home.  They manned the food tent at the Mora Classic Canoe Race and earned $866 for the race in exchange for use of their canoes and canoe trailer.  Confirmation classes on hold until the fall.  The Bible Study, Walking With Ruth, will begin the first Saturday morning in June.  Can be done at Park Forest at their requested time. (call Pastor Deb).  Youth will host a carwash June 17 along with a bake sale.

Membership Committee:  nearly done with 2016 report to present at Mora/Ogilvie joint Conference.

Trustees have listed the needs for painting the church building outside, and conditioning and repainting the bell tower.  Sidewalk repair is needed where heaving has occurred.  Mens Club did yard maintenance including brushing at the southeast property line, patching holes at Clark Street entrance to the parking lot, digging out creeping Charlie at the meditation garden fence line.  Scotts Lawn Service sprayed for weeds on Friday, May 5.

Worship Committee will have plants for Mothers Day for the moms.  Val Prax will fill in for Pastor Deb the two Sundays she is gone for Licensing School.  Thank you, Val!  Plans are made to honor our graduating senior Laura Schultz on June 4.  That day begins the season of Pentecost.  We are reminded to wear red to that first Pentecost service.  Children will sing May 21.  Praise Team’s last Sunday until fall is May 14.

Women in Christian Service will meet May 17.  Members should bring sharp scissors to complete gift blankets.

With no further reports, Dick motioned adjournment, seconded by Carmel, motion carried.

Unapproved minutes submitted by Ruth Smith

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