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Pastor Debra Schaffran
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500 Clark Street, Mora, MN 55051 | 320-679-2713
Office Administrator Hours Wed. – Fri., 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
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Council minutes Nov. 12, 2020

Mora United Methodist Church Administrative Council Meeting Approved Minutes

November 12, 2020 started at 6:31pm

Attendance: Pastor Deb Schaffran, Al & Phyllis Roseberry, Mike & Val Prax, Ruth Smith, Don Ripperton, Gayle Bergloff, Jan Anderson, and Carmel Gorham

Pastor Deb led us in prayer.

It was reported by Pastor Deb that the church was a COVID testing site on Nov. 4 & 5. There were 850 persons tested with 16% of the people testing positive.

Advent is keeping the pastor very busy as well as the COVID continues to cause stress. Always having to find new ways of doing things.

Nov. 15 sermon is on Encouragement and has the John Wesley Covenant Prayer.

October’s secretary’s report was Motion to approve by RSmith/Seconded by JAnderson/Passed

Financial Secretary’s report was given Motion to approve by PRoseberry / seconded by RSmith / Passed

Treasurer’s Report was given Motion to approve by JAnderson / Seconded by GBergloff Passed

We have received $47,000 in grants this year so we need to keep that in mind as it has helped us to accomplish many things but we will not be received grants like this year. We need everyone to do their part in contributing to our church.

Finance has been busy setting up an easy way to make our contributions to the church through Vanco.

Motion to approve this made by CGorham / seconded by ARoseberry / passed

Stewardship – Love & Faith – will be done starting the end of December to introduce Vanco. Then in Jan/Feb the stewardship campaign will be happening.

The budget is in the works.

Finance will be having a separate meeting rather than trying to do their agenda during the Church Administrative Council meeting.

Trustees is a very hard working group. Yard work has been completed and there is painting to still be done.

SPPR – They held a virtual meeting, forms sent in and recommendations for salaries & benefits will be coming.

Christian Ed – They are making Advent Ribbons to hand out on Nov. 29 when they have the lighting of the outdoor Christmas Tree. Cider & hot chocolate will be served. Decoration to be brought those coming or use the ones from the church. This is held from 3pm – 5pm.

Sanctuary open on Wednesdays from 2pm – 6pm. There will be a Prayer Station, a host will be there to greet each person that comes. Communion station will be set up and Pastor is available but will need to be notified about being wanted there for the person.

Technology Team received a $3,000.00 Cares Grant and are purchasing items, camera, apple tablet, and a larger TV for when we are able to be back in person in the sanctuary. Also items for live streaming the worship services at that time.

Women In Christian Service – They will be helping with promotion for the Food Shelf. A donation area in the church will be set up in the narthex for this. They will also help with the setup and items needed for the Nov. 29 Christmas Tree lighting.

The church is going to be getting back on Facebook. There are guidelines through the conference to use. Val P., Phyllis R., and Colleen will help to get this setup.

Indoor meeting and gathering protocols will be revisited in December.

It is decided that the group(s) that are meeting are to continue.

Don R. has requested help in getting the guidelines for doing the cleaning throughout the church for COVID. It was suggested that he talk to the county for helps on this. (TOPS, CORE, NA, Mora UMC committees/teams, & confirmation.)

Meeting adjourned at 8:12pm                            Minutes submitted by Carmel Gorham

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