Council minutes October 10, 2019

October 10, 2019 Church Council meeting.

Janell called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm. and Ben lead us in prayer.

Those in attendance were Bob, Phyllis, Peggy, Ben and Janell.

September minutes were reviewed and approved with the correction to Confirmands from Conformance in the Christian Education section.

Janell asked Ben, new youth group and children’s’ ministry leader, to introduce himself.

Janell read submitted reports: Pastor Deb’s report. Ben Ziegler started October 4. He will meet with the youth on October 16.  On October 20th he and his family will be introduced at the worship service. Nominations continue to work on filling spots on committees. Colleen is back at work after a time of restricted activity. In September Pastor Deb lead a worship and the Kanabec County jail, St Clares and Eastwood. There was a memorial service at church for Betty Fredrickson. After meeting with a family two children were baptized a church.  A weekly book sturdy continues in Ogilvie and one for Mora will start in November. Rod and Pastor Deb are leaving for an educational tour of the footsteps of the Apostle Paul.  Leaving October 17 and returning October 31. Valerie Prax will cover the worship duties and also is the central contact for pastoral needs.

Trustees written report from their meeting: Stafford Trucking is contracted for the 2019-2020 snow season. Parsonage furnace replacement is due to start October 10.  Tom Junnilla will be painting room E in a neutral color. Bert and Gene will apply heat tape on the church were needed. Fire extinguisher inspection will be Friday, Gene will call Colleen for the time.  Written report from Steve:  Several free LED light fixtures have been obtained. There are enough to so the Fellowship Hall.  The rest of the lights will be retro fitted with LED lamps. Tom Junnilla has been cleaning the youth group room, and he shampooed the carpet. Jarek and Steve have the material to finish the columns on the East of the church. Pat will schedule and fall clean up of the grounds around the church and parsonage.

Finance:  Financial Secretary and Treasurer reports were approved as presented. 10% of general fund money will be given to apportionments. The new pledge brochure was reviewed and is ready to send out. The PEF Committee will meet November 7th for decisions on disbursement.

Christian Ed: JAS will be moved to a bimonthly Saturday time for the children.  Curriculum for the youth and children is being reviewed. Oct 16 is the youth meet and great with Ben. Peer Ministry continues to meet monthly at Emma’s Pizza to work on skills. Another big group workshop will be planned for the new year.

Misisons:  The Potluck on the 6th went to Feed My Starving Children.  November 3rds potluck will go to Food For Friends. November 4th there will be a special Thanksgiving food collection at church and blessed during the church service. December 1st Potluck will be for the Graners. Alternative gifts will again be available in December.

WICS: Chili and Pie went well.

Men’s Club met October 3rd.

Motion was made and seconded, Bob and Ben, to adjourn the meeting at 7:03 pm.

Next meeting Thursday November 14th.

Respectfully submitted,
Janell Anderson, Council Secretary



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