Did you know faith is a choice?

Think a Minute:
It goes without saying that we all have faith in something. If we didn’t have faith in anything, we wouldn’t even get out of bed in the morning. We have faith that we can make it to the kitchen without the roof caving in on us. We have faith that we can get to work each morning in our cars without being killed. We have faith that when we eat at a restaurant it will be good food to eat. In short, our lives would be miserable without faith. But, did you know that faith is a choice? Specifically, faith in God is a choice. The Christian faith calls us to choose to believe God exists and that His Word is true. Our faith calls us to believe that He is good…all the time even when things look dark. This means we choose to believe His good news in the face of any bad news in our life. We choose to believe that the power of God is greater than anything we face. Those are choices we need to make every day.
Whatever you are facing today, or this week, remember that no matter how you feel, God’s Word is still true. It never changes. It says that He loves you with a love that is everlasting. It says you can be forgiven through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, no matter what you have done. It says, He will never let you down and it says He always answers prayer! There is much more, but even letting your faith embrace those statements of truth will give you assurance and peace, not matter what circumstances are doing to tighten their grip on you. Believe God…no matter what! He will get you through your storm…that is His promise! Amen! Here is a prayer for you to pray:
“Dear Lord, help me to trust You with all my heart and not rely on my own understanding. I acknowledge You in all my ways and depend on You to direct my path. Keep me from doubting You and Your Word. Lord, you are everything to me. I know that because of You. I am never without love, joy, hope, power, protection, and provision. Open my eyes more and more to Your truth. Enable me to recognize and understand Your promises to me so that I can daily choose to reject all doubt in my life. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen and Amen!”
Pastor Rob Pesola
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