Enriching your prayer life

Think a Minute:
This week, I would like to share some thoughts about how to enrich your prayer life.  There are many patterns for prayer, whether they are used in the morning or evening and in time, your own pattern will develop.  Until your own pattern emerges, consider using the following approach; you can remember it easily because it spells the word ACTS.  Begin your time of prayer by finding a quite place and centering yourself in God’s presence.
A – ADORATION:  Adoration is the first movement of prayer.  To adore God is to worship and praise God in your heart, in your mind, and with your lips.  Read aloud Psalm 100.  Then take a few minutes to praise and adore God in your own words.
C – CONFESSION:  Next move to confession as you examine yourself and clarify your vision of who you are before God.  Begin at the personal level, and then confess the sins of y our church, community and nation.
T- THANKSGIVING:  After the movement of confession come prayers of thanksgiving, which overflow from gratitude.  Recall specific things for which you want to thank God.
S- SUPPLICATION:  Adoration, confession, and thanksgiving have prepared you for supplication.  Supplication is the combination of intercession and petition – a remembering of things hoped for.  In your heart, name specific persons and needs for which you seek God’s help.  Bring these needs and persons into God’s presence in prayer.
Close your prayer with commitment, in your own words, asking God to send the Holy Spirit to enable a new creation to come alive in you!     Amen and Amen!
Pastor Rob Pesola
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