Examination of Conscience

Think a Minute:
This week, I would like to share a devotional called, “Examination of Conscience” from the Walk to Emmaus worship booklet, published by Upper Room Books. Please read this as if God were speaking directly to you.
“My child, think about your attitudes and disposition today.  Have your thoughts, your desires, your words, and your actions been worthy of one of my disciples? Have you handled your problems today?  Have you fallen in the face of them? What was the reason?  Think it over.
Think about the means of grace available to you, the ways that you may grow in My grace:  morning and evening prayers, worship, Holy  Communion, spiritual friends.  Are you availing yourself of these means of grace?  Could you be more attentive and receive more benefit?  How long has it been since you have visited your pastor?  When will you go?
And what about your serving?  Could you have been more generous, more courageous, more self-sacrificing, more cheerful?
What are the obstacles to grace in your life?  Are you trying to remove those obstacles by yourself?  Or are you depending upon my Spirit?
What about your time?  Do you make the time to be a disciple?  Listen to me.  Isn’t it true that you find time for the things that really interest you?  I, who am your God, would almost be satisfied if you would treat me as well as you treat any of your friends.
As My disciple, what have you done today that I may be better known, that I may be better loved?  Are you with me or against Me?  At work in your profession or at recreation, have you been My disciple?  Would you have been proud to have Me accompany you through your day?
Remember that what wounds My heart most are the infidelities of the “faithful.”  I count on you!  On you!  And you, on whom or what do you count?  What is the source of your spiritual life?
My child, don’t stop halfway.  I search for your whole heart, your passion, your fire, your energy, and your surrender.  A Christian has a right to be enthusiastic.  If you want to be, you can be.  Tell me honestly, are you willing to give your all?  Are you willing to live in my grace?  Everything depends on your really wanting to be my disciple.
The response of prayer:  Lord, I have sinned and fallen short of your grace. Today, I put my trust in You, O Lord, and Your mercy.  Accept me in the company of your apostles, freely forgiving my offenses through Christ.  Fill me with  the Holy Spirit and the fire of Your love.  Amen!
 Pastor Rob Pesola
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