Focus on the positive

February 2018

Here’s to a fabulous February, It seems each time I turn on the news or open a newspaper I am bombarded with bad news about problems in our world. It also seems that people want to focus on the negatives of life.

While the worldly problems may seem insurmountable and our community and personal problems are a constant challenge, instead of feeling powerless, I choose to focus on the positive things occurring around me and in our own community.

As I look ahead to the annual meeting of the Mora and Ogilvie churches (February 11 at 11:45) I think about the positives of 2017.

  • both churches added members during the year
  • both churches averaged more at Sunday worship than they had the previous year
  • both churches ended the year with all bills paid in full
  • both churches ended the year with folks ready to become members in 2018
  • both churches have active youth groups with willing (and loving) leaders
  • both churches have children actively involved on Sundays and/or Wednesdays
  • both churches offer learning opportunities for adults
  • both churches maintained and made updates to their facility

Wow, to God be the glory!

Of course, we can not only look to the past. God calls us to look to the future and the United Methodist Church calls us to continue to strengthen our own personal relationship with Jesus and to make disciples for the transformation of the world.

Last week I was at a two-day learning opportunity offered by the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Twice in those two days, each time in a different context and by a different person, I was asked what we, Ogilvie UMC and Mora UMC, would do if we had a very large sum of money to be used for the good of our communities.

Each time I was asked what we would do with a large sum of money to be used for the good of our communities I was stumped for an answer. I could come up with how to spend money for our individual churches but that is not what I was being asked. So, I turn to you.

In 2018 how would you spend $25,000 for the betterment of our community. Community could mean Kanabec County, or it could mean Mora, or it could mean Ogilvie. What are your ideas? Think about it, pray about it, talk about it with your friends and then share your ideas with your church council and with me. Who knows someday God may bless us with $25,000 and we want to be ready.

To God be the glory,

Pastor Deb

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