From our missionaries, Ardell & Gordon Graner

It’s been a really joyful past 6 months with all the ministries we are blessed to be involved with here in the Dominican Republic.  We are very grateful to all who were able to come and serve with us and the Dominican people on mission trips.

In September we traveled to Germany as a family to be with Jenny, our oldest daughter,  and Robert Simek when we all celebrated their union together. We are so happy to receive Robert into our family.

But it has also been a very mournful past month with Hurricane Matthew hitting the southeast part of the DR and Haiti.  We ask for your prayers for so many people who have lost all their material possessions.  We also ask you to think of us as we are trying to work with the IED church here that we may respond with passion and wisdom.

Please share this newsletter with everyone in your church. We are sending a copy to your church office through the postal service, but the last time we did this many of the letters were returned and others took much longer than we expected they would to arrive. We really hope everyone receives the letter.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching.  May we continue to yearn to know God in every step of our lives and may we look for ways to share God’s love with all those around us.

We are together with you in Christ’s mission in the world,  Ardell & Gordon

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