Season of autumn reminds us of change

What a wonderful summer this was! We had some hot and some rainy days, but for the most part it was a nice, pleasant summer that went by way too fast.  But fall will soon come upon us now…the beautiful colors, the crisp cool air…my second favorite season of the year. The season of autumn reminds us of change…that changing seasons are visible lessons to us from God that life changes.  In methods of ministry, changes at times must also be made so that we have all the resources needed to reach out to others for Jesus in our ever-changing culture.

We also all know that change is difficult…I am no exception with how painful it can be. What comforts me is that God is still in control and He knows my heart.  I am praying that He will prepare me for the changes I must face in my life. This is true of every one of us isn’t it?  I would like to give some advice to all of us in regards to change:

  1.  Change is the stuff of life.  It is what our lives revolve around.  We are all growing older, our role as parents change, sometimes our employment situations change etc.  It is what life is about.  Life moves on no matter what and how much we resist.
  2. Our attitude about change makes all the difference.  Isn’t that true?  I am getting older, but I have so much to look forward to.  I still have all of my children, and look forward to all the grandchildren I will have.  I am eager to still to be a blessing to others, even in my old age…whether it is in my family, my church, my friendships…God still has a purpose for me, even though my life is changing in so many ways.
  3. Change is a part of God’s plan for our lives.  The Gospel is all about change.  If you read through God’s Word, especially in the Epistles, you will find that God’s desire is that we don’t stay the same.  He calls us to grow and develop in our Christian walk.  Our faith is to grow stronger as we grow older.  It also reminds us that one day, our growing older and changing is going to end with glorification.  We are on a journey to heaven…our final destination is the beautiful paradise that is called heaven.  There we will have new bodies that will never age or feel pain.  It is the place reserved for those who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.  Amen and Amen.September is a very busy month in both of our churches.  Stay in touch with all that is happening and don’t forget that we have a church facebook profile for each church!  As always, it is an honor to serve you.  If I can be of any help to you at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.Your friend in Christ,Pastor Rob
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