God, who gives spice to life with change

Dear Church Family:

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! I’m not going to say much this month (isn’t that a first?) because the following prayer says what’s in my heart for this month’s pastoral article:

Blessed are You, Lord Our God, Who gives spice to life with change.

 Lord and Source of All Gifts

     We rejoice in the fullness of Your holy generosity

We thank You especially now

     For the gift of change,

     That gift of newness

     That opens doors closed by habit and routine.

 We bless You and thank You as well

     For that which is stable and unchanging,

     For the ancient and traditional

     Which give meaning to the new and different.

 We thank You, O End of All Longing,

     For the capacity for change in our lives,

     For without change, there can be no real growth

     And no true life.

We are grateful, in this prayer, for those persons

     Who, through their gifts of excitement and adventure,

     Have taught us not to fear change not to resist the new.

We are thankful for Your Son, Your Sacred Word,

     Who spoke to us of new wine for new wine skins

     And who calls us daily to a new kingdom

     And to a new covenant.

May our hearts be ever-changing ever in growth,

     As we journey to You, our Mysterious Source,

     You who are forever fresh and new

     Yet forever the same.

 Blessed are You, Lord our God,

     Who gives spice to life with change. Amen!


Prayers for the Domestic Church

By:  Edward Hays

 Starting in October I will be taking Mondays as my day off each week.  I am also switching my day in Ogilvie to Tuesdays.  As always, I am honored to serve you.  God bless you this fall season!


Your friend in Christ,

Pastor Rob

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