God will revive your soul!

Think a Minute:

Have you ever wondered why it appears that God is silent? Why is it that our prayers seem to have no effect on what we are praying for? May I encourage you this morning? The silence of God teaches humility, creates character, and produces perseverance. When a man or a woman humbly seeks the mind of God, learning to dwell patiently in the silence, God will revive that soul. He will reveal His love and compassion in the silence. His gentle, quiet Spirit cannot be heard above the roaring rapids of a raging river. He is found beside still waters. Has affliction come upon you? Are you at a breaking point? Convert it from a breaking point to a turning point. Go seek Him beside still waters. Enter into the silence of God. Wait patiently for Him to speak. Is He silent when you call out? Wait quietly for Him to speak. With the Lord a thousand years is but a day. Do not give up. God is not on the way, He has already arrived, but you must bear up until He speaks. His silence will teach you. Will you accept His yoke of silence? The silence of God precedes the outpouring of His compassion. Here is a prayer for you to pray:

Dear God, the God who is, I have struggled in the silence. I have misinterpreted the silence. I have had expectations which are based on my own logic. My afflictions have brought me to the breaking point. I pray You will aid me in making it into a turning point instead. I surrender to the silence. Use the silence to create character, to teach Me humility, to produce perseverance in me. Amen and Amen!

Grace and Peace to you this Christmas season!
– Pastor Rob Pesola

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