Good news, bad news month

February 2021

Hello Friends,

This is a good news bad news month. The good news is that we are entering the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday being February 17.  Knowing Ash Wednesday is in February we know we can look forward to Palm Sunday on March 28 and Easter on April 4. Oh, Easter bringing us warmth, sunshine, gentle rain, and the newness of life popping out everywhere we look.

We also have the bad news that we are still in a pandemic. We are still distancing and masking. We still know people getting Covid 19, some mildly and some, well some are dying.

It seems the past year has been full of good news and bad news. And yet the best news of all is that God created us with the ability choose. The choice is that we can choose to focus on the good or we can choose to focus on the bad. As I look at the last 11 months, I have seen both good and bad and I choose to focus on the good!

There is the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God sent his son as a baby to grow up to lead, teach, and die for us. In dying for us Jesus gave us the opportunity to have our sins forgiven and to live eternally with our Creator God. Friends, that is not only good news but that is the best news.

As we move into February, we also acknowledge our stewardship Sunday. This year the Mora UMC has identified February 14, Valentine’s Day, as Stewardship Sunday. Personally, I cannot think of a better Sunday than the day we celebrate those we love to also celebrate, through our financial commitment to the church, our love for God. It is because of my love for God and my desire to serve him that I give.

The Mora congregation will soon receive a mailing including a Commitment card. Please prayerfully identify the financial amount you will commit to give to the church and return the card to the church.

Through the good and the bad I am praying for you,

Pastor Deb

Pastor Deb Schaffran is available for home visits and counseling when requested, as well as hospital visits when informed. Remember that the hospital does not inform us of your admission. Pastor Deb can be reached at 952-240-3836.


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