How to demonstrate God’s love to others

Think a Minute:

 This week, I would like to speak a few thoughts about the force and power of God’s love for us and how we are to demonstrate His love to others.  Dr. H.B. London, pastor and cousin to Dr. James Dobson was quoted to say: ” Our Lord Jesus established the Church as His society of love on earth; and every one of us has the wonderful privilege to give love, to be loved and lead others to express Christ’s love in the world.  Love’s main energizing motive is explained in these strong words from the apostle John:  “First we are loved, now we love.  He loved us first…  The command we have from Christ is blunt:  Loving God includes loving people.  You’e got to love both.”  (I John 4:19-21, THE MESSAGE)
Dr. A.S. London, grandfather to Dr. H.B. London, wrote these words about love:  “We need the kind of love that meets suspicion with kindness, and hate with compassionate concern.  Love will seek out the careless, the unconcerned, and the shiftless.  Love shows tenderness toward the soiled, the foulest, the penniless.  Love seeks the lost sheep.  It goes after the lost coin and longs and prays for the prodigal son.  The life that loves will have its night of sorrow. The one who loves deeply will have his midnight hours as well as his season of sunlight.”
My friends, the love that Christ has for us and we are to show to others is demonstrative.  Love watches at the door of the prison cell to speak a kind word and offer a helping hand to one who has lost his way.  It walks beside others of the worst of sins and, pauses to say a kind word to the one who is helpless.  It offers hope to all.  God loves us in this way…unconditionally and without merit.  May Jesus fill us with His love and fire up our hearts to walk as He walked to love others as He loved them.  Amen and Amen!
                                                                  – Pastor Rob Pesola
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