Is pride keeping you from enjoying the blessings of life?

Think a Minute:
 Near the end of the movie “Home Alone”, there is a scene in which Kevin, the little boy, meets up with his mysterious neighbor, the scary, old man down the street.  As Kevin gets past his fear and converses with the elderly gentleman, he learns that the biggest thing wrong with him is that he is sad because he and his son have not spoken to each other in years?  A disagreement or misunderstanding caused a rift between them that had not been healed.  Pride, it seems, kept both of them from taking the first step to make amends and reconcile.  Could it be that pride sometimes is good for nothing more than keeping us from enjoying the blessings of life or the blessings of God that might otherwise come our way?
My friends, because of pride, much joy in life is lost.  We sometimes fail to live in the present moment and relate as we should to those around us.  Because of pride, many will not let themselves do what they need to do to become all that God wants them to be.  Is there someone today in your life that you need to reconcile with?  Is there someone you need to forgive?  is there someone you need to ask forgiveness from?  Don’t let pride be the key that locks you in your prison of bitterness and
unforgiveness.  I challenge each of us to relinquish our pride;  to reconcile with those from who we are estranged…to make amends and forgive.  God will bless you for it and you will feel the burden in your heart lift away!  Amen and Amen!
                                                               – Pastor Rob Pesola
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