Joy – knowing your sins are forgiven by a loving God

Think a Minute: Have you ever done much thinking about what the greatest advertisement to others for the Christian faith is? May I submit to you that it is JOY!? That radiant, happy “glow” that is from the heart of one who’s sins are forgiven by a loving God is a wonderful testimony to one’s Christian faith…and it’s attractive to others!
I would like to share some words this week from Sherwood Eliot Wirt of Poway, CA from his book, “The Book of Joy”. Mr. Wirt was the first editor of Decision Magazine, which he founded with evangelist Billy Graham. “The secret of Jesus was-and is- His inner joy. Our Lord had a merry heart. The most significant fact about Jesus that comes through in the Gospel accounts is His happy, radiant, loving personality, so different in character from the solemn religious types He was constantly encountering in His ministry. No one can mourn or weep for long when Jesus is around. What a pity that Jesus was not presented to succeeding generations as He presented Himself to His own!”
Dr. Wirt also observed: “Jesus came bringing a message of joy to the world, and where has it gone? The church is committing a grave error. Part of it is thinking that renewal will come with threats of doom and judgement as people head for the hills. Revival will come when the church begins laughing and singing and loving each other, and showing the world what it means to know Jesus Christ. It will come when Christians are filled with the joy of His salvation as they wait for His soon return!” Amen and Amen!
Pastor Rob Pesola
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