Let My Roots Sink Deep

Think a Minute:

This week, I would like to share a prayer called, “Let My Roots sink Deep.”

“Lord, I sit alone by a quiet stream. My thoughts turn to Psalm 23. The waters gently ripple by. Trees gracefully bow their branches and teasingly rustle their leaves in the pure, fresh breeze. A bird chirps a beckoning call to its mate. A distant falcon pierces the air with its echoing screech.

Peace. Thank You Lord. But what about when I must return to the hustle and bustle? How can I be prepared? I look at threes; their roots sink deep by the stream. In the same way, let my roots sink deep into You. Let me feed on Your Word. As we commune in prayer, let me drink from the living water of Your Spirit. Let me jump in and be bathed by Your cleansing power. I will rely on You rather than things that are shallow and temporary. I can’t depend on my own abilities and strength, but I’m confident in Your care and direction.

I will take special notice of the good things when they come. I will fix my mind on what is pure and lovely and upright. When the heat and winds of life’s storms come, I will not fear; I know You are near. I will not worry but keep on producing a life that is a blessing for Your and others. Let me take time often to come drink from Your quiet stream. I thank You for it.” Amen and Amen!

Pastor Rob Pesola

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