Life isn’t fair!

LIFE ISN’T FAIR!   Isn’t that a new thought?  I remember my Dad used to tell me that. I suppose some of you might think it is redundant for me to say that, but it never ceases to amaze me that so many Christians get so upset when things don’t come out even or go their way.  Whoever said that this life was fair, anyway?  I’m not aware of any Bible verse that teaches such a thing. Of course, God will ultimately even things out at the judgement – a point the Bible makes often – but in reality,here are no guarantees in life. In fact, in a fallen world like ours, with mankind corrupted by a sinful nature and God allowing freedom of choice, it only follows that things are not going to be fair all the time.
Yet, it frustrates us, doesn’t it? It bugs me! The bad guy sometimes wins. The criminal gets off scot-free. As one man put it, “The ladder climber who steps on everyone in his path gets the penthouse. The politician lies and gets away with it because the economy is good.”  I’m not suggesting here that we shouldn’t do whatever we can when we can to make things right. I’m simply saying that sometimes making things even is beyond what we can do. At that point, so that we don’t go insane at the unbalanced nature of it all, we need to remember that we live in a fallen world and until God redeems our world from the curse and removes sin, it’s not always going to be fair.  I’m not recommending that we all be defeatists or fatalists.  I’m simply trying to be realistic. Don’t set your expectations too high. In this life, no matter how you live or what you do, life isn’t always going to be fair. But…the great news is God has given us everything we need in our journey of faith to live our lives positively and victoriously.  Our faith in Jesus Christ makes the difference.
My friends, Satan’s desire is to destroy us, in this world and the next. So, he first tries to separate us from God, our primary source of strength.  A former great preacher in Atlanta, Pierce Harris, lost his wife, Mary, in a tragic auto accident. A few weeks later a man wrote to Dr. Harris and said, “I hope your terrible loss will not destroy your faith.” Dr. Harris said that he felt like writing back to him and saying, “Man, haven’t I lost enough already without throwing away my faith, too? Why should I cast aside the only thing that is keeping me afloat?”
My encouragement to you is:  Stay strong!  Do what’s right!  Serve the Lord with all of your heart and commit yourself to make a difference in this world for the Kingdom of God.  And never, never give up!  Amen!
– Pastor Rob Pesola
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