Imagine Jesus sitting next to you

Take a few moments and read the following. A friend of mine showed this to me tonight. Imagine Jesus sitting right next to you and listen to His words to you:

My child, I love you. I love you unconditionally. I love you good or bad with no strings attached. I love you like this because I know all about you. I have known you ever since you were born. I know what I can do for you and I know what I want to do for you.

My child, I accept you. I accept you just as you are. You don’t need to change yourself. I’ll do the changing…put yourself in my Hands. I love you just as you are. Believe this, for I assure you it is true.

My child, I care about you. I care about very big and little things which happen to you. I care enough to do something about it. Remember this. I will help you when you need me. Ask me. I love you. I accept you. I care about you.

My child, I forgive you. I forgive you and my forgiveness is complete. It is not like that of humans who forgive but cannot forget. I love you and my arms are open with love and tenderness. Please come to Me! Come here to Me. I forgive you. Do not carry your guilt another moment. I I carried it all for you on the Cross. Believe this. It is true!
Amen! – Pastor Rob Pesola

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