Lord, give me the words I need

July 2020

So, I am wondering what should be included in a newsletter article from a pastor when the news isn’t all good. In addition to the news not being all good neither is the mood of the pastor. Well, I will start with prayer.

Oh God, I don’t have the words today. Please give me the words needed. The weight of the world sometimes feels like more than I can hold and then I remind myself that you Lord carry that weight of the world so I don’t have to. I need strength today Lord, strength to do the writing, strength to do the planning, strength to listen and strength to bear the pain. I know that with you Lord all things are possible and so I carry on. Today is yours Lord and I long to serve you as best I can. Amen

So you might be wondering what has me so loaded down. For starters I am concerned about what the COVID-19 impact will be on our church, our community and on my family and friends. I have had three friends that have had the virus, two of these friends, both in their 80’s, had no symptoms and until tested had no idea that they had the virus. They are now doing fine. My friend Thuan has not been so lucky. He is in his 50’s with three teenagers at home. Thuan was on a ventilator for so long that he eventually had to have a tracheotomy, he is now out of the hospital and in a rehabilitation center and will be there for three months or more. His life will never be the same. Please pray for my friend Thuan.

The second topic that is weighing me down is the systemic racism in our society. Racism is not just an issue in the Cities but also in and around us. Last week a woman came to the church in need of assistance. One of her issues was that she had fallen and with the aid of a stranger an ambulance was called. Instead of the arrival of an ambulance four, yes four, law enforcement officers arrived. The ambulance was not called until this woman of color was questioned and searched. Once the officers determined it was ok the ambulance was called and she was brought to the Mora hospital. I believe the color of her skin determined how she was dealt with, but WHY? Please pray for the challenges we face related to the color of another’s skin.

A pandemic and racism are what have me down and so I pray. I pray for you and I pray for me. I pray for our country and for our world. Please spend time in prayer. God is always with us and always ready to listen.

Peace Be with You,

Pastor Deb


Pastoral Coverage During Pastor Deb’s Vacation

Pastor Deb and Rod are on vacation June 29 and returning July 14. In the pastor’s absence please call the contacts noted below should you have a need for pastoral assistance.

Mora – Valerie Prax at 612-205-1099

Ogilvie – Betty Segelstrom at 320-496-5898

Valerie and Betty have the contact information for the United Methodist Pastor that is providing the pastoral care during Pastor Deb’s vacation.


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