Lord willing, warm weather on the way

Dear Friends in Christ:

Last night, I was thinking about the fact that April is here…and I almost shouted!  The Lord willing, warm weather is on the way.  It warmed my heart…now I just need my body to be warmed up!  As 2015 continues to roll on, I am reminded that the four seasons we experience and enjoy are a picture of the seasons we each must go through in our spiritual lives.  We are in the process of leaving winter behind now, and it sometimes seems to drag on and on.

Perhaps that is how you feel in your spiritual life also; that it has been a long winter, and like the physical realm of winter, you carry the weight of it and the feeling it will never end.  You feel barren, lonely and cold.  But it is through these times that God is especially present and He calls us to have the courage to persevere.  It is a time to pray:  “Oh God, let Your light reach my darkest place.  Let Your mercies come.  Let them rise with Your holy purpose.”  It is when you reach this place of abandonment that you sense your journey has changed course…that light is ahead.

We are now coming into spring, a time of new birth, growth and beauty.  As we contemplate the reality of Easter; Christ has risen…hope of a kind returns during this season and nudges us into believing it could be that God Himself has dreams for us.  It could be that the ache of loss, disorientation, and even hopelessness we sometimes carry during the winter season of our lives was God Himself working through it to effect His will upon us…attempting to speak to our hearts of Himself.  When we enter the season of spring in our walk with Christ, it’s as if God is saying…life will come back to you.  You will live!  One pastor said to his church, “Faith-filled courage makes a meaningful life.”   That is how we should greet each day, whatever the season…with faith-filled courage.  This spring, remember that our risen Savior is praying for you before the Father.  Remember that His presence in your life makes all the difference.  Let new birth, growth of faith and beauty envelop you as you enjoy the warmth of spring.  And remember, Jesus Christ is Lord!  Amen!

This coming June, I will have been with you for two years now.  Where has the time gone?  I want to take this time to thank you for the privilege of serving you as your pastor.  It has indeed been a joy and we have seen God do some great things in our midst haven’t we?  My desire and prayer for each of you is that you grow in Christ and that you live your life in such a way to reflect His presence in your heart.  Make a commitment that you are going to make a difference for God’s kingdom…wherever you are; in your home, in the work place, in your neighborhood and in your church.  Let the light of Christ within you shine in darkness.

God bless you this spring season.  If I can be of any service to you, or you have a need for prayer, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Rob

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