Memories of my Mom

Think a Minute:

This coming Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day. I will always cherish the influence my mother had in my life. In September of 2006, she went to heaven, but my memories of her will forever be in my heart. Here are some memories I have of her:
– She was a true Southern Belle. She was born in Georgia, lived in Minnesota for many years, but forever had that deep Southern Accent. I would give a million dollars to hear her voice again.
– My mother loved helping others. She would always go out of her way to help someone.
– She taught Sunday School in her church for special needs children for many years. She loved her students very much.
– My mom was an avid animal lover. She always had cats in her home, I believe up to 12-15 at a time! I remember driving with her one time and there was a dead bird in the middle of the road. She made me stop the car and remove it from the road so it wouldn’t get run over anymore. Such a kind heart.
– She loved her children and grandchildren very deeply. My children called her “Nannie”.

God bless our mothers. Husbands, do something special for your wives to honor her and encourage your children to do the same. Mom deserves all the praise and honor we can give her.

My mother had a Bible, a King James Version, that had many years of sermon notes, personal notes, underlined verses and thoughts written in that Bible. I have the privilege of having her Bible in my possession. I wrote and sang a song about my Mother’s Bible which I will share at this time. God bless our mothers! Amen and Amen!

Here is my song.

Pastor Rob Pesola

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