Council minutes for July 9, 2021

APPROVED MINUTES – July 8, 2021 Church Council meeting.

Valerie called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. and opened with a prayer.

Those in attendance meeting were Phyllis Roseberry, Alan Roseberry, Janell Anderson, Valerie Prax, Jan Anderson, Steve Sigstad

Pastor’s Time:  Pastor Deb is on vacation

The Secretary’s report was approved M/S/C Alan/Steve

Financial Secretary’s report was approved M/S/C Janell/Steve

Treasurer’s report were approved as presented M/S/C Jan/Phyllis

Finance Committee: Sending 10% of general fund giving to apportionments. We will then be through May and just a start into June. At our meeting before this we continue to work on the Financial Wellness info.

Trustees: meeting next Wednesday, going back to the Wednesday before starting next month – rather than the second Wednesday of the month. There are plans to take down two trees.

SPPRC:  Met the 29th.  They haven’t forgotten about a youth/children director. They will start reaching out again, maybe posting on Facebook, at the school…Coborn’s??? rather than the newspapers they didn’t bring in any inquiries the last time.

Christian Education: no report

Worship: not meeting during the summer.

Missions: nothing to report – both of the Graner are now retired – Janell to contact Vi about new goals?

Memorials:  Bert brought in memorial money that was made directly out to the church.

Technology: Alan, Phyllis, Steve Hansberry and Don Ripperton have both volunteered to learn the sound both and power point system.

WICS: Didn’t meet last month

Men’s Club:  Is not meeting.

Other business:

A: Meditation Garden looks BEAUTIFUL! Weeding was done by a nice group of women Saturday morning and the later2 yards of chips went down in 35 minutes. Melanie organized the East garden clean up

B: Ushers – we need volunteers for this, greeting and welcoming. Sign ups are in the Narthex.

C:  Indoor meeting and gathering protocols: Fellowship time to started on June 20 – just coffee to start.  – volunteers are needed

D: Goals for 2021 – what things do we still need to bring back?

M/S/C Steve/Janell to adjourn at 7:50pm

Next meeting Thursday August 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janell Anderson, Council Secretary

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