Minutes for June 10, 2021

APPROVED MINUTES – June 10, 2021 Church Council meeting.

Valerie called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Pastor opened with a prayer.

Those in attendance meeting were Pastor Deb, Phyllis, Alan, Rhonda, Janell, Valerie, Jan

Pastor’s Time:  VBS was lots of fun, Pastor helped with the 5th and 6th grades. No activities were at the Methodist Church. A possible Theme for July will be, Summer of Love. Pastor will be collaborating with 3 other Methodist Pastors around the state. July 4th Pastor will be on vacation – if needed she will drive back for worship. Possibly pre taping of the service will be done and worshippers can view at home or on the screen at the church.

Annual Conference is set for June 22-24, it will be focusing on Racial Justice. It will be on line and an in person smaller group meeting for Pastors around the state. Pastor will be participating at the Methodist Church is Alexandria. Phyllis will be attending as our Lay delegate at her home.

Do we have bulletins or do put more of the bulletin announcements on the screen. Maybe a half page ‘announcement’ and church information bulletin.

The Secretary’s report was approved M/S/C Rhonda/Alan

Financial Secretary’s report was approved M/S/C Janell/Phyllis

Treasurer’s report were approved as presented M/S/C Alan/Rhonda

Finance Committee: Phyllis is going to work on expanding the information in the financial giving statement of the newsletter, looking for a better way to report on our financial giving.

Trustees: Met last night. The screen will be taken out of the library. There is another shingle off the roof….there is kind of a line where they come off.

SPPRC:  meeting the week after next

Christian Education: We participated in VBS. The Hanson girls (the four oldest) are going to camp at Northern Pines.

Worship: not meeting during the summer. Summer of Love theme – Pastor and Melanie are talking together.

Missions: nothing to report

Memorials:  nothing to report

Technology: Volunteers are needed to learn the new technology part of the worship service. How do we get them? Running the TV is hitting buttons and following along with the service, the sound board this time of year is mostly the Pastor’s mic. Valerie will make some calls.

WICS: Meets next week.

Men’s Club:  Is not meeting.

Other business:

A: Meditation Garden needs work. Valerie did some work one morning – Maybe Saturday morning will work to get a group  together.

B: Ushers – we need volunteers for this, greeting and welcoming. Sign ups are in the Narthex.

C:  Indoor meeting and gathering protocols: Fellowship time to start on June 20 – just coffee to start.

D: Goals for 2021 – what things do we still need to bring back?

M/S/C Janell/Rhonda to adjourn at 7:47pm

Next meeting Thursday July 8th, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janell Anderson, Council Secretary

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