Council minutes October 11, 2018

Unapproved Council Minutes
October 11, 2018
Present: Pastor Deb, Heather, Carmel, Phyllis, Al, Robin, Janell, and Jan
Meeting was called to order by Council Chairman, Robin at 6:34 pm.
Pastor Deb started with an opening prayer.
Pastor Report presented by Pastor Deb- There was a good kickoff for the peer ministry. In January there will be a larger program, which will be hosted at the school. It will be open to all and we have received a $1000 grant to cover our expenses. Forty-eight applied for this grant and only twenty-eight were accepted. Our church received one of only two perfect scores given. A vote will be taken in February of 2019 on human sexuality rules going forward. this will take place in St. Louis. Pastor Deb will be in Africa in January.
Jan read the financial report for September. Janell made a motion to approve the financial report. It was seconded by Carmel. Motion carried.
Janell reported that financially our numbers are starting to look better and her graph is happier. Carmel made a motion to accept which was seconded by Jan. Motion to accept carried.
Financial Committee- Commitment Sunday is November 18. Committee will hold informal meeting to talk about stewardship on Sunday October 14 at 9:45 in the fellowship hall.
Christian Education- Finalized details for JAS. Have had to JAS and it seemed to go well. Book studies are going well. Reminder of upcoming youth rummage sale.
Tech- Laptop has been set up in the back of the church in the sound booth.
SPPR- Met with the DS in Ogilvie.
Trustees- The painting in the front has been completed. They are working on gathering insurance quotes. Will be changing to LED lights over time.
Worship- Will meet next week. Attendance is down.
WICS- Chilli supper went well.
Old Business- The meeting with the DS is done.
Janell made a motion to adjourn and Carmel seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:23 pm.
Respectfully submitted by,
Heather Hanson, Council Secretary
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