Pick up the Broken Pieces

Think a Minute:
This week I would like to share from a devotional book entitled, “When I’m On My Knees” by Anita Corrine Donihue. This particular passage is called, “Pick up the Broken Pieces.”
“Melissa lay shattered, like a priceless, broken vase. Irreparable, it seemed. Too much sadness had come her way. Doctors, psychiatrists, friends, and family hovered over her, to no avail. She simply could not go on and prayed to die.
One day, an elderly Christian lady came to see her. Silver head bent, eyes filled with care, the woman sat by the girl’s bed. She never said much. She just held the clenched young fist in her strong, gnarled hand, gently rubbing each finger. Melissa began to relax. Tears streamed down the older woman’s face as she felt the pain. A silent prayer went up. A current of love flowed between them.
She rose to leave, then placed a small gift-wrapped box near the girl’s bed. “My dear, this will help.” The door softly closed. Melissa gingerly tugged on a brightly colored ribbon and opened the box. Inside lay a puzzle with no picture to go by. The pieces were worn from hard use.
Melissa began, hesitantly, then determined, alone with her thoughts. Hours passed unnoticed. Along with the puzzle came the older woman’s answered prayer; the presence of the Lord repairing the girl’s crushed life. Piece by piece, God whispered direction, gently untangling and strengthening her life’s confused, broken chunks and splinters. He soothed and healed wounds as He and Melissa worked hand in heart. Several days passed. both puzzles, life and picture were fitting together. New joy came to Melissa when she placed the last missing piece – and revealed the face of Christ.”
My friends, Psalm 34 18 says: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He saves those whose spirits are crushed.”
Prayer for the week: “Father, I am broken. I seem to be filled with absolute emptiness. I have nothing to offer You but pieces of my life. Pick them up, I pray, and use them. Help me submit, while You arrange these pieces in a new way. I understand Your way is best. You are the Master Craftsman and know my very being. Thank You for the miracle You create from my shattered life. Thank You for how You are making me into a beautiful new vessel to be used for You. In Jesus name I pray.” Amen and Amen!
Pastor Rob Pesola
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