Planning for spring and summer

March 2021

Hello friends,

Well here we are in March. March is not my favorite month because it seems too long and often so dirty. But none the less I am planning for spring and summer. Planning is important so we can be ready for what comes.

Jesus often used parables to teach a lesson. Today we study parables asking ourselves what is this parable saying to us? Parables can sometimes be hard. Some parables are a call to preparation. I see the parable of the five bridesmaids who had prepared appropriately, brought a significant quantity of oil with them were prepared for the delay in the bridegroom’s arrival. The five “foolish” bridesmaids did not prepare, and when the bridegroom arrived later than planned, they were out covering for their error.

We cannot know the future – we cannot know the timing of events, so we need to prepare and have resources ready. Likewise, as a church we cannot know what might come, but if we have planned and placed the church on a sound footing, we will be able to face whatever happens. Being prepared helps us serve others in mission and ministry in the name of Christ! Let us earn, save, and give all we can to be prepared for where we are called.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Deb


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