Prayer is so very powerful

As I am sharing with you this morning, I am also listening to prayer requests around the world on the Daily Audio Bible on my phone.  The Daily Audio Bible is a wonderful tool to listen to God’s Word on a consistent basis.  The reader reads through the Bible every year and he does it in a somewhat dramatic fashion.  It is a joy to listen to every day, but even more; afterwards people all over the world call in prayer requests and the requests are put on the broadcast.  What a privilege to listen to these requests and pause to pray for each request, even though I have never met or spoke to those asking for payer.  My friends, prayer is so very powerful.  God invites us to bring our burdens, our battles, our needs to Him in prayer.  When you invite God into your situation three things happen:  1.  It invites the presence of God. When you pray, God manifests His presence into your circumstance, and you are no longer alone.  2.  It ignites the power of God.  When you ask God to help you, you have put your situation into a new realm now.  The God who holds our universe together has made His power available to you to help you, no matter how impossible things look.  3.  It demonstrates the faithfulness of God.  Even though you may not see immediate results, when you pray, God immediately goes to work for you.  So, no matter what you are facing today, bring it to God in prayer.  You will see great things happen.  Amen and Amen!

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