Prayer is talking to God

Think a Minute:
This week, I would like to talk one more time about prayer.  Prayer is simply put…talking to God. Allow me to encourage you to make prayer the first priority of the day each day in your life.  The following is a great daily prayer:
“Loving God, I am reminded that there is a time for everything in life.  Help me to look at each day as a new opportunity to be your servant.  Allow me to see You in the lives of those who surround me.  Open my eyes to look at them as you do, with love and compassion, so I can give myself in love to them.
Blessed Jesus, as my journey of faith continues, I want You to be my companion.  Teach me to overcome my sinful thoughts, my pride, and my selfishness.  Open my heart to your forgiveness and strength.  Lift me when I fall.  Carry me when I am weak.
Holy Spirit, take away any negative attitude.  Guide me into the way that leads to life.  Make me sensitive to your promptings – eager for the presence and power of sanctifying grace.  Allow me to be your ambassador wherever I go today.  In Jesus’ name I pray.                                      Amen!
Pastor Rob
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