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January 15, 2023 Weekly Newsletter

John the Baptist had it right in the scripture reading from John 1:23-27. Even in the beauty of the creation around us. We have been very fortunate, or as some may feel unfortunate that our world has been blanketed by the clean white snow.  Maybe too much for some but for others a blessing.  So much a blessing that we are not worthy of receiving this life giving gift. With the bountiful harvest of snow on the ground this winter … Read more

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Ogilvie Breakaway

After many years of the Ogilvie United Methodist Church being served by the Mora UMC pastor, it was time for OUMC to begin a new chapter by breaking away from Mora. It has been a relationship that was enjoyed by both churches for many, many years. Please contact the Ogilvie church for information on their worship service and events: 201 West Bragg Street, PO Box 267, Ogilvie, MN 56358 | 320-272-4255. January 2022

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