Seek God’s help to be a forgiving person

Think a Minute:
These past few Sundays, we have been sharing from God’s Word on the subject of The Power of Forgiveness…specifically how to forgive others. I have found this to be one of the hardest things in the world to do for many people. Many have been hurt very deeply, even by those who proclaim to love them. This week in our devotional, I would like to offer a prayer for you to pray if you need help forgiving someone:
“Great and loving God. I adore you and praise You because through Your cross You have redeemed the world and saved each of us from our sins. Through Your cross You have forgiven us and loved us even before we know what forgiveness and love were all about. At this moment, O Lord, I come to you seeking help in being a forgiving person. Sometimes, I admit I have difficulty in forgiving. I need Your strength and the willingness to forgive. Help me to overcome stubbornness and pride that cripple me in so many ways. Dear Lord, in a conscious. deliberate act of my will I want to forgive anyone who I have anything against. Lord, hear my prayer as I pray specifically by name for those I need to forgive. (Name those you need to forgive). Lord, as You direct me to take tangible action, give me the will to follow through with a phone call, a personal letter, an apology or restitution if necessary. Help me to know the joy of forgiveness; the joy of burdens taken away; the joy of new life in Christ and the joy of health and wholeness in body, mind, spirit, and in all relationships. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus who is Lord and Savior.” Amen and Amen!
– Pastor Rob Pesola
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